Saturday, July 15, 2006

Mission Blog for Emma #2

Lady Pigface. It cannot be helped that I adore you. My sun rises at your feet and sets in your eyes. Your very hair sets in motion sentiments in my blood that I feel impractical yet completely abiding and addicting.Yet it is plain to see that you do not dwell in this place of love with me. For my dear I fear a quandry has been placed in front of us by whatever divinities we have left in this age. For I can not bare the absense of your love no more than you can bare the bondage of mine. The density of this agony fans the fires of chaos and breeds turmoil. Meet me at the oak tree on Shaftsbury Lane midnight under the moon and we shall resolve this. If you do not come, I shall extinguish this infernal flame of torment in the turbulent waters below! SAY YOU SHALL BE MINE ANGELA PIGFACE!

Henry Canterbury Whittakers the Third

The Mission: write a paragraph about this girl (let's call her Angela Pigface) in the style of a woeful lover Sense and Sensability style using the words 'bondage' 'quandary' and 'density'. YOU HAVE 5 MINUTES GO!!!111

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