Thursday, January 11, 2007


Today Is My Birthday

Yes it is yes it is.
It was a lovely day, mostly spent with Kristy and my mom doing shopping type things. AND I didnt have to take the cart back to that house where the shopping carts live at the supermarket! I made delicious fettucini alfredo for supper.. there was snow! I got a nice red leather bound sketchbook. My mom got me a measuring cup because they measure by weight instead of by cups in Britain, and is making a book full of recipes for me to take, which is wonderful and sweet.
I also, got a visa refusal letter for my birthday........ All I can say is that I wish it had come tomorrow, orrr not at all. Absolute Fucking Bullshit. Heres some things I was playing around with before my future was crushed by a fuckwit beaurocrat! I forgot how fun pencil crayons are.. and look you can make your cartoons dance. I'm going to bed

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