Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Life or Death

I am experiencing a situation requiring a choice between equally desirable alternatives, prodigious in both difficulty and perplexity. It is to you I turn, my befriended and/or kin, please ease my burden by helping me solve this confounding riddle. I need you to be open and honest, I can handle it, just tell me...
IS THE BEST CAKE!??!?!??!!!!111

After googling "the best cake" and perusing the Martha Stewart website for an hour or so now, and its come down to these contenders.

1. The Traditional Cake eaten in celebration my birth is the Black Forest. An easy favourite, loved generation after generation, but lo, behold, it has evolved further over time. There is its edgier cousin, the Black Forest Brownie cake; less traditional, equally appealing to eyes and tongue. And now I find Martha's Haunted Black Forest Cake, ingredients for which include espresso whipped cream, black cherry filling, kirsch syrup and chocolate ganache.

2. Seeing as its January, which is supposedly a winter month, and that I love coconuts, I thought maybe a coconut cake would be nice. Or maybe, a pineapple coconut cake.. with cherries.. and a Calvin and Hobbs type kid pissing HAPPY BIRTHDAY KARA on the top. Or cute little ghosties!

3. But who
would eat some crap coconut cake when they can eat something called Doris's Velvet Chocolate Cake, which looks so dense its imploding in on itself. Serving suggestion is to cut very small pieces and eat without wearing any pants.

4. This one might seem a bit lame but Ive never had one of these as a birthday cake before and I know they are delicious. The classic yellow cake. HOMEMADE of course, I dont approve of boxes.. especially ones produced by "Niger Mines"?? Maybe thats some sort of internet joke I dont get, but its the only decent picture of a yellow cake I could get.

5. The not-so-classic yellow cake. YAY Ducks!!

Chocolate or plain or peach or cherry or turtle.. I found this nice looking no bake cheesecake with raspberries, but it only serves four. The last one is blood orange cheesecake made with ricotta and heavy whipping cream so its lighter.. so you can fit more in your body!

7. An icecream cake also tickles my fancy.. does it do anything to yours

8. This is a cake made of stacked crepes, with a layer of nougat in between each, covered in dark chocolate and decorated with candied hazelnuts. Damn.

I have to stop now, I cant spend any more time looking at cake. Ive started to rock back and forth in my chair with lust as it is. So there is my top 8. Please leave a comment and tell me which one I should make, I am also open to suggestions! If no one helps me narrow it down I will be forced to make and eat them all! ALL CAKES WILL BE THE BEST CAKE! WAHAHAHAHAHAHA


The Brother said...

Jesus, Kara, I think I became diabetic just reading that. Since I know you would refuse my request that you get/make all of them and give some of each to me...


1 Ice Cream Cake
1 Choc. Velvet Cake
1 Black Forest Brownie cake


Karalalala said...

Im shocked, I would have thought youd vote cheese cake all the way.. Im thinking the black forest brownie cake looks pretty damn fine