Monday, January 8, 2007


Chuckle chuckle chuckle.. so, pretty good day by me was had .. today.. By the grace of any god still paying attention I managed to get up before noon. Ive had over 5 hours of daylight in me, thats almost excess sunshine. Sunshine, on my shoulders, makes me happy... sunshine in my eyes can make me cryyyy.. sunshine on the water looks so lovely, sunshine always makes my high.
I woke up to my mahhhh standing in my bedroom doorway shouting questions like "IS THIS YOUR BLUE SOCK? IS THIS YOUR BLACK SOCK?? DOES THIS BLACK SOCK GO WITH THIS OTHER BLACK SOCK?
IS THIS YOUR PAIR OF BLACK SOCKS? No they look like Bobbys Ill give them to him. WHERE DO YOU WANT THIS BLUE SOCK??" then I went back to sleep.. and had this reoccuring dream where I'm a pregnant asian race car driver and a serial killer was chasing me through a subdivision with a set of Crayola Mini Stampers™ that actually were magic and could open portals into other dimensions and he had me trapped in a mattress factory but I managed to steal his Shamrock stamper and ended up in a bookstore in Seattle in the section about animal photography and I looked at a couple of books before I woke up.
Stomped around the house.. had tea (PG Tips with 2 sugars and approximately 700 milks) followed by a day of art and driving with Monsieur Blundon, with a soupson of catatonia inducing dindins at the greasy spoon by my house Ive been meaning to try for weeks, The 60's Diner or something.. I dont know if you can call brand new 60s themed diners "greasy spoons".. My fork was greasy though, and now the greasy is in my tumatumtum.. came home to fall asleep on the sheepskin rug in the living room-- the thing has magical powers or something and now Im drinking a lovely cup of tea (loose leaf jasmine from teaopia, with honey which is lovely enough) reading how my visa has been delivered, woop! No sketches today.

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