Saturday, January 6, 2007

Out with the dolphin, in with the blog!

For my birthday I would like require an army of these:

Article about Pleo the Dinosaur

also, this made me laugh a bit

This blog is dedicated to my dolphin friend Baiji who died last night of general extinction. R.I.P Little B


The Brother said...

Dearest sister.

I know you love the dolphins, but THREE PICTURES is a little excessive. I mean, THREE! God. Waste of space. Might as well cover the internet with a Baiji montage.

I still love you, but I'm quite embarrassed. Say hi to Botany for me, and keep up with your vitamins. I miss you!

Karalalala said...

Why do you miss me? Im down the damn hall you freak.. what the hell.. and Botany is DEAD THANKS FOR BRINGING THAT UP! PUBLICALLY! Also I was going to do a montage but I lost my Legitimately Purchased copy of Macromedia Flash AS WELL AS my Rod Stewart discography so the project was a no go.. you're a freak and your face is a waste!