Monday, February 19, 2007

We Are Engaged In The Process Known To You As Love

Hello dudes,

Today was a successful day!

I have come to define success to be actually accomplishing anything whatsoever no matter how small and insignificant to the grande scheme-- because there is no grande scheme, just a whole long lot of floating around willy nilly while my brain tries to determine which direction is up and which is down, which east, which west, when in fact that is futi
le because it doesnt matter anyway, I am where I am. Im only ever going to be slightly further than that no matter the direction, not to say its a waste of time because thats relative anyway isnt it, we've determined that much havent we, havent we, and it IS what it IS. How can you argue with that? Just try, I fucking DARE you to try!

Also I had a lovely day out. It started off with omelettes, as all really excellent days do. Then I played a HIGHLY professional photographers object for some photographs. The lights, the glamour, the fans blowing wind through my silky blonde tresses, the being uncomfortably close to strangers while they flash bright lights in my eyes for hours.... it was good though, and I drew all over the chalkboard weeEeEE

Gosh thats a bit wacky.

THEN I accompanied a flame haired maiden, rosey of cheek and cheeky of nature to The Big City, Trrrrahno, to an audition for a little independent film about schizoid tennis players. Or something. It was very quick but she was great. I have my fingers crossed more tightly for the childrens science show spot though, that would be awesome.

AND THEN--actually prior to the whole audition thing, but time is relative like I JUST explained, things that happen after happen before sometimes-- BUT we ate food in the Rainforest cafe! It was great! Animatronic animals randomly bursting into I dont know, animal noises. Small redheaded little boys with glasses mesmorized by the fake rainstorm that goes on every half hour. Butterflies flapping on big ol paper mache like trees and stars and crazy wooden chairs and leaves all over the walls. Excellent nachos. Kiwi Bubble tea. Subway adventures. We made it back alive, very successful day. My blog is crap why are you reading this dribble.

Three Scientific Facts for Today:

1. I am omnisexual. I would have sex with a tree, or a grain of sand, or even the wind that blows gently through my pubic hairs.

2. Saggitariuseses, I hope you didnt drink a hot beverage on a train platform last week because its an accident just waiting to happen. Did it?

3. ROAR!

I need a job so I can buy:

1. This

2. This

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