Thursday, August 16, 2007

Tea, toast and coasters

So, the couch is in the apartment. It took a couple of hours and every ounce of muscle and will power we had but its in, Damn It, and its looking gooood. We warded off many attempts by neighbors to try to help, including a nice old man who watched laughing with Cory as I tried to wrassle a mattress on top of the truck as it consistently ended up underneath it.

2 tonne leather fold out bed couch in,
curtains hung, kitchen is looking dead sexy, we have CHAIRS! We've come along way from our first weekend in the apartment. Laying on the floor eating a tub of icecream in 40 degree weather with nothing to sit on but crumpled up newspaper.


I have many many many things to do but I have been spending my time doing everything but those things. I put together stuff for two Swapbot Swaps today.

The first was a cd of music for a very sweet lady in Washington, D.C. I am also sending out a handful of teabags to some people in Georgia, Illinois and Wassmunster, Belgium!

Teas Away:

- Monks Blend: a black tea with flavours of vanilla and grenadine (local tea)
- Ontario Icewine: high grown ceylon infused with natural icewine flavour (local tea)
- Dalfour Organic Lemon: very light lemony flavour, lovely as iced tea (France)
- Stash Peach tea: awesome tea hot or cold, best with a shot of coconut rummmmmmm (also threw in a tiny bottle of Malibu)
- Lipton Caramel: the best caramel tea ever
- Touch Organic's organic white tea: just a really nice white tea
- Numi Honeybush Rooibos: lovely with a taste of caramel to it

ALSO Ive gotten some awesome housewarming gifts. Marelly got me coasters. You can see them HERE and HERE!

Ive been poking around Stella Im Hultberg's site, its gorgeous.


Cory and I attended a barbecue at Taylors. It was awesome, I stuffed my face with timbits and salsa dip, played with Taylors awesomely fecking cute son Aidan and their 6 cats. It was really good to see everyone again, even Tom moseyed over later in the night.

Pictures are one Cory's FlickR, right HERE.
Good Stuff.

AND THEN Cory took me to the Drive-In to see Stardust. It was a lovely evening, and the movie was so good. Cory dumped a gallon of diet pepsi and I laughed.

Yep, so, thats whats been going on, all good stuff. Pictures of our humble abode to come!

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david said...

Madness!!! You're WAY better that Stella von Humbug.