Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Crushed Beetle

For the first time in ages of ages I am poking around in piles of music new and unknown to me. Its titillating. Mostly the secret is robbing blogs blind.jjjjjjjjjjjjjjj I often accidentally type long strings of j's for quite some time without noticing. I left that one there for you as a token of my honesty and authenticity. You see, I am not a myth nor shall I lead you ashtray. We should have established this earlier on. The blogs Im currently pilfering stem from a common blog trunk and bloom outwards like something lovely an deciduous. I just stand underneath it and all the songs fall on me like leaves and I giggle and roll around in them until I get to the bottom layer of mushy leaves that have been there for too long and find a spider in my hair and my laughter turns to panicked screams that my family and friends ignore or are amused by. Here are some lyrics which feature one of my favourite rhyme teams, Bees and Knees.

Don't let hurricanes hold you back
Raging rivers or shark attacks
Find love, and give it all away
Find love, and give it all away
Wrestle bears bring them to their knees
Steal the honey from killer bees
love, and give it all away
Find love, and give it all away
Don't be scared to connect the dots
And dig for gold in the parking lot
Find love, and then give it all away
Find love, then give it all away
Find love, then give it all away

(Find Love by Clem Snide)

Thanks to Said the Gramophone for its general sweetness, lovelitude and that song.

I'm not a rich girl but yesterday plunked down nearly thirty dollars for tea. I have a problem I think. It was worth it, but I'm still embarrassed to have spent so much on a bunch of crumpled up dried up browned up old crappy leaves that I hate and cant even stand!!!!!!!!!!

Im addicted to this one

Aveda's Comforting Tea

"100% certified organic, soothing herbal infusion—naturally sweet, with licorice root and peppermint—steeps you in calm. No caffeine, sugar or added flavours. Drink hot or cold." Also, as it aids digestion, very good for ones tum-a-tum-tum.

Stopped in at this tea shop on Yonge called the Golden Mint and got a couple of 50 gram packages to try.

Cream Earl Grey
This is another new favourite of all time. It has little blue flowers which I think are mallow? I have no idea but its awesome. With a bit of sugar and milk its so creamy and smooth and mellow, I love it so much.

Lychee Congou
Flavoured with Lychee, or Dragon Eyeballs if you read the paper menus at The Mandarin with any amount of interest. This one smells fucking awesome. Very tropical. Apparently its Quite Lovely but I havent tried it yet cause Ive been too busy drinking pots of that Aveda stuff. I'll keep you updated. Dont piss your pants waiting or anything though. That smells.

Pictures of my kick ass robot watch tomorrow!

Thanks to Brotherface for all the music! Also, this kid knows his shit when it comes to TV so here is his quick summary of this years pilots so far.

Great: Pushing Daisies, Chuck
Good: Reaper, Life
Okay: K-Ville, Back to You, Journeyman, Cane, Bionic Woman, Aliens in America, Lipstick Jungle
Bad: Private Practice (so much potential, squandered)
Terrible: Sarah Connor Chronicles (okay, but couldn't bother finishing it)

And if you're interested, he has composed a list of his top ten albums this year. If I used a phrase like "neato" or "cool beans" I would right now.

Poke it!

Listening to Right Now:
Ned Collette - Country With a Smile
The Knife - Heartbeats
The Psychedelic Furs - Into You Like a Train
The New Pornographers - My Rights Versus Yours
Sean Lennon - Parachute


david said...

Cups of Tea & MP3's rule.

Wendy77 said...

I Hate Hate "My Rights Versus Yours". That's the third worst song on the album, beaten only by "Entering White Cecilia" and "The Spirit of Giving", both of which I'm sure you love.


Karalalala said...

I havent heard the rest of the album, dickeater. Send it to me so that I may listen to it and self righteously disdain your musical choices!

Karalalala said...

Also I think its not a bad song.

Wendy77 said...

Okay I gave that song another chance and it's not Utter Utter shit, but it's still not the best on the album. Ill upload the whole thing another time, why doesn't Cory have it?

Karalalala said...

General lamitude