Saturday, October 20, 2007

Costume Ideas part 2

Okay so... Im having a hard time with this. Halloween is fast approaching and I still dont know what Im going to be. This is hard dudes, this is real hard. Brainstorming with Wendy77 and her Miniscule Counterpart in Evil this evening produced several possibilities:

- Legendary Space Hobo (Tinfoil, possibly a raygun, banana peels, space box, general space hobo attire)
- A Kellogg's Mini Wheat
- A Kelloggs Space Mini Wheat
- Zombie Pop Tart
- A Vampire Toast
- El Chupacabre Cinnamon Buns
- Ghost .. Eggs
- Some combination of the evil undead and popular breakfast food
- This

(take notice at the front bum)

- Glow in the Dark bugs taped randomly to my breasts for no foreseeable reason
- I could cut off my feet and toss them at children. I wouldn't even have to dress up cause that could be scary enough on its own
- Russian sex trade worker
- A unattractive and companionless polymath with untidy hair and poor fashion sense
- Tom Cruise AND Katie Holmes together in some freakish two headed scientological monster: The TomKat
- A Bride
- Nigella Lawsons TRUE form, a MEAT GOLEM. I will wear cleavage revealing clothing, wander around carrying a lamb shank and groaning orgasmically. Horrid messy black wig, thick black eyebrows and a uppercrusty brit accent would complete the transformation perfectly. I would also make an effort to keep a bit of food stuck in my teeth all night.

Here she is licking an ice cream that her grandpa is holding for her.

- What I wanted to be last year, that old stand by, Chairman Kaga from the Iron Chef - gold cape, walk around mischievously biting a yellow bell pepper?

So hot...

OR, young Debbie Harry in her Doctor X tshirt and skin coloured tights

Hotter than anything else ever to exist on the planet earth..

Any ideas?


Cory said...

Sweet, sweet Nigella...

What's a polymath?

Karalalala said...


Awww you like me, you really like me!

david said...

Opening the front door to find Santa Claus.... A beer-can-holding drunk Santa Clause, would frighten me... out of nearly 2 months of my life.

Karalalala said...

Christmas outside of December makes my stomach feel dark inside, no no no

Anonymous said...

im thinkgin the epic space hobo