Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Devils Night Blues

I hate writing letters. In contrast with this, I love beer. And Jelly Roll Morton. And Mexican food served by funny old gents with fierce push broom moustaches. Yeah Man.

I dont have too much to write about, everything's well and good on this Devils Night. I went and visited Megan and Adam in their new place last night. Its small but really nice, especially for the price theyre paying, lucky bastids. Its in a nice neighborhood in Greek Town. I got lost on the way there, but it seemed everyone walking the streets had something to say so atleast I knew I wasnt in Dullsville HA HA! HA!

A girl stopped to ask if I wanted to pet her kitten. I said yes without hesitation. It turned out she actually had a cat, in a bag, a wee one, with a jingly bell collar. I pet it, it was, you know, nice. I bought Megan a housewarming plant. Some bit of mystery flora with a thick waxy stalk and huge buds promising who knows what kind of big lovely flower things. Probably a botanist. I asked the Greek dude at the counter what it was, he shouted "7.99!" "Ah! But what is it?" "7.99!!" "What type of plant?" "Flower" "What type of flower??" "Yeah! Flower!!" "I'll take it!!!"

So I took it. I think its a lily.

A guy with a crooked nose and missing teeth was sure I was his lost daughter. I asked a lady if I was headed towards a Licks Burger (the right direction) and was immediately admonished in a bitchy old lady way. Yes I was indeed headed the right direction for "all the cholesterol you can stuff in your body before bed". I met a lady who lived under a bridge, and felt a pang of primal fear. I hope she used my money to buy booze cause thats just rough. Met some crying girls, and a guy who seemed to think I walked too fast. I love walking the street at night because I start to get that sweet swelling good feeling inside like maybe Im the barometer of sanity in this world. Which doesnt happen all the time.

I saw tiny tiny turnips. I haven't carved a pumpkin yet. Theres a contest at work for pumpkin carving, the theme is "Dead Mans Party". A zombie in a party hat would be my contribution. Straight forward but room for funkiness. I dunno. But now Ill lose in every amount of certainty. I cant find my man-eyed lady glasses. Maybe tomorrow morning.


It sounds like theres someone standing just outside my apartment door eating handfuls of really crispy lettuce....

Now for some strange chicks singing festive tunes!

The Shaggs - It's Halloween

Sonic Youth - Halloween

Catpower - Werewolf

Zombina and the Skeletons - Zombie Hop

John Carpenters "The Thing" Soundtrack

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