Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Case of The Boiled Tomato

Ive been hearing this strange noise for about 45 minutes. I cant place it, its like a furious whooshing. Like a tiny train getting closer and closer.. like a tiny steam powered train.. like.. steam.. like my... electric kettle. Like my kettle, top busted open, boiling water like boiling water is going out of style. I walked into the living room to find fogged windows, my electric kettle whooshing and whirring and jittering out of control on its base like a crack addict in a crack store. I forgot I was going to make tea an hour ago. Usually when I forget about my tea its during the liquid in cup stage, this is new for me. Oops.

Anyway, there was a tomato on the windowledge above my kettle and it boiled half of it. Which suits me because I was going to fry it up with some eggs later on. Im an idiot though.

The last blog post didnt have any music pillaged from someone elses blog at all, I do apologize. Are you ready for some super dynamite sound?

GET THIS FIRST cause if you haven't heard it you should: Chick Habit - April March

Music is My Hot Sex - CSS

It's Not Over - The Klaxons
Isle of Her - The Klaxons
Strawberries - Asobi Seksu
Shake it Over and Over -Diplo
Where is Home - Bloc Party (Diplo Remix)
The Motherfucking Rave is Over - Pase Rock (Diplo Remix)
Pass this On - The Knife

And eh, I dunno what else, I dunno, maybe, I dunno, maybe a little....

MISSY b sPEARS mOther Fuckars

Freakshow - Britney Spears

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