Friday, November 16, 2007

The Bringer of Song!

YAY! Finally, someone has brung the song.

The song has been brought.

Who brought it?

Why, who else would bring the song? The Bringer of the Song brought the song!

Bring bring.

Bring bring.

Brong brong.

Yes, my brother has started a music blog! This is exciting for all you fans of girl music. So if Clambuzz didnt promise you enough girls and guitars, here is a place of solace for you at last. Im kidding, they both listen to good music. Most of the time.

Not nearly enough Alice Cooper though.

I ate potato leek soup for lunch 9 hours ago and still feel sick... Im poisoned. I may die.

Anyway, go, let the song be brought to you, and rejoice!

Brought bright broot.

Ladies and Gentle Mans,

The Bringer of SONG!

Or if you are too chickenshit to click on a link Ive given you for no good reason.


The Alden said...

Yay! Best introduction EVER! You, sister dear, are awesome.

Karalalala said...

Yeah duh

Wendy77 said...

Our family is slowly taking over the internet, eh? Our moms need to get blogs.

The Alden said...

That's a scary though...

The Alden said...
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