Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Caress Timid and Ineffectual

Saturdayyyy exciting day its saturday EXCITING DAY saturdayyyyyy.

Hey, its saturday.

That means, tomorrow is my day off. These days many things are the cause of my happiness, but this folks, is the cherry on my sundae. My sunday is a sundae, of happiness. Its a metaphor. And/or a pun.

For that last mix I did, you know, the shite one that wasnt worth the bother, I included a bonus cd of all the songs Im listening to repeatedly lately. Kind of like a musical journal. Even though journals of any kind are SO LAME. I mean, who cares what you do, think or feel, right? Anyway, so, I mailed to my swap partners a secondary disk, wrapped in clown cupcake themed birthday paper. T
o make up for the general shititude of the instrumental mix. I offer it to you in a .zip file! Take it if you mean to be ENLIGHTENED BY SOUND. Most of these Ive actually posted as mp3s in past blogs so its a bit of a waste of time, but whatever, fuck you, its free, take it anyway. Its in a nice neat package now.

November Mix

1. Chick Habit - April March
2. Toxic - Mark Ronson ft. ODB
3. Megacolon - Fischerspooner
4. Cripple and The Starfish
5. C'mon Sea Legs - Immaculate Machine
6. Black Wave - The Raveonettes
7. Knife - The Heartbeats
8. There She Goes (The Little Heartache) - Pete Doherty
9. Find Love - Clem Snide
10. The Guns of Brixton - The Clash
11. I Was a Boy - The How
12. Lullabye - Grizzly Bear
13. Parachute - Sean Lennon
14. Pearly Dewdrops' Drops - Cocteau Twins
15. White Chalk - PJ Harvey
16. Untitled Love Song - Angels of Light
17. La Vie En Rose - Louis Armstrong

Download This and Listen To It Til You Puke On Someone You Love But Who Does Not Love You Back Mostly Because You Just Puked On Them

I miss beer. And my family. Hey you guys I might come up next monday, if I can swing it with The Boss Lady.

All day at work today the radio was playing christmas music. I hate christmas when its not christmas. Usually it gives me a gross sinking feeling. Today it just made me crave some Christmas Goodtimes. So I went straight from work and bought some LED christmas lights to hang around my window. It gives a romantic, and festive, glow to things here I think. I also bought some food, cause we have literally nothing to eat here. Cory mentioned the other day, and it hadnt dawned on me yet but its just starting sink in... we're poor. Like seriously poor. Destitute. It didnt even dawn on me when I went out the other night for bread and an ice cream cone and didnt have enough money on my debit card, in my wallet or on my visa to afford it. How do people fucking afford LIFE? Life beyond a can of kidney beans and a pack of Red Hots for dinner, life beyond stealing movies off the internet instead of going to see one, life beyond library cards, No Frills, reusing EVERYTHING, stealing food from work, stealing in general... its mental dude. I mean, we're okay, we're doing splendidly, but thats only because we dont DO anything. What about people who crave social interaction and go out to bars and need fancy clothes so they look attractive and hair gels and spraycan deodorants and all those ritzy things. Man. How do they do it. How do people with KIDS do it? Gahhhhh.


For now I've got my Lady Speedstick on and my cleanest Reebok Sweatshirt, and Im off to get as drunk as $8.76 will get me in this town!


Emma said...

I afford life because I have a fucking huge loan from OSAP and a dad who buys my love with money. But when it comes time for me to actually like...grow up and have a life...I'm gonna be fucked.
Maybe I'll just kill myself when I'm 30. I can rack up an assload of debt but then never have to pay it off because you dont have to pay off debt when you're dead! Or do you? ................I'm fucked

Karalalala said...

Welfare dude, welfare!

david said...

Sugar Daddies rule.

Karalalala said...

Dave you scored a sugar daddy? Right on

Karalalala said...

Dave you scored a sugar daddy? Right on

david said...

Seriously though, the poverty issue was what put me off going to university. And I still don't know if I regret that. Hmmm, I hope I don't come to guage it by the size of a bank balance.

Hang in there, tight.