Thursday, November 22, 2007

First snow in Toronto

Oh! There's snow! There's snow!

Its on the ground!

And everything!

Its been so lovely, this first snow. Those big, slow, fluffy flakes that melt instantly all over your face as soon as you look up. I love the look of beech trees this time of year, with their dark trunks and yellow leaves, each one holding a little pile of snow. Even in the city things seem so much quieter and more peaceful with an inch of snow on the ground. Okay, maybe not quite an inch yet, but its getting there. I enjoyed my walk to work so much this morning. It was still dark, and dead quiet, and I could see my footprints which is a novelty to a paranoid like me every year. I checked to see if my feet were straight when I walked (My nan always chided me on having my feet pointing outwards while I walked), and fought the temptation to throw any followers off with elaborate tricks like walking backwards in circles, doubling over my own prints. Mine were the only ones all the way to work though, for the exception of pigeon and raccoon tracks. Cory said he knew it was going to snow last night when I opened the curtains a bit around 1am and the clouds had that orange hue. During public school it was the colour you saw when you woke up and knew you had a precious and elusive Snow Day. It very much feels like November. Today is the kind of day that makes me want to just lay around on the couch under a blanket reading The Brothers Karamazov, because this cold freshness in the city and everyone walking around all bundled up in fur hats, I like to pretend Im in Russia. But only in pretend because actual Russia scares the balls off me. Is "only in a pretend" a phrase? Wtf

A lady told me how to say "Have a nice day, and keep warm!" in french at work so I have been telling people at every available opportunity "Bon journee et restes chaud!"

It would be my Nan's birthday today. I thought of her when I heard the first of many JFK assassination reference of the day. She always hated thats so much. Work was okay, Im sleepy though. And sore. Wah wah wah. Im tired of christmas music already. I GOT A PACKAGE in the mail. Inside was 7 small presents, wrapped in shiny purple paper. Its from a swap with a lady in Norfolk, England. I am only allowed to open one a day, and todays was a package of those After Eightesque mint sticks. Which was suitable for a wintery day like this, festive an all that. The only thing better than mail, is mail with presents inside. Presents from England. Lalalaaaaa

Im going to go lay in bed and pet the one eyed kittens curly belly. And maaaaybe open another present! Peace out, home skillets.


Wendy77 said...

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Karalalala said...

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