Sunday, November 4, 2007

Goulash Awesomeness

Today I made Goulash and breaded noodles, it was wicked good. Yeah, I am a good cooker.

Things I love about the world today:

Nuts for Trucks!

That picture of Patrick Swayze.

Caffeinated Soap!

Unicorn flavoured chewing gum!


I had a cup of tea today, called 'Cloud 9" from a herbal apothecary in Massachusetts that was sent to me in the mail. Maybe it was the kava kava, maybe the poppy, but it made me verrry relaxed. Good Stuff. Come over and Ill make you some.

But not right now, I have no pants on. Unless you're cool with that. Why are you so cool with that?? Pervert.

Tattoo Stuff!

It was my managers last day on saturday, and before she left she asked me to draw her a tattoo idea she had. She liked what I did for her, and it gave me that old tattoo itch. Maybe while putting together a portfolio for Sheridan I should put one together geared more towards the tattoo design end of the art spectrum.. and just casually drop by tattoo shops. Im sure Ill be laughed at or ignored though. I dont really fit the 'tattoo artist' profile. I dont even WANT a tattoo I just want to do them on others. I dunno. Its just in the back of my head a lot. The tattoo I did for her was a campfire with a dreamcatcher in the flames. Kinda neat.

Umm what else.. oh man yeah, Breaded Noodles!

Whenever I try to explain this to someone who has never had them they look at me like Im stunned and refuse to believe this is the most addictive substance on earth.

Try it though, go now. Go cook some noodles, and while they are boiling away, put a good amount of butter in a wee pot. When it gets bubbly, add a bunch of breadcrumbs-- you want it to be not too thick a breadcrumby paste at the end, still mushy like. Let that just cook very gently while your noodles are noodlefying. Basically youre toasting the breadcrumbs, and it should be done by the time your noodles are. Youll be able to tell, they will get darker and start smelling gooood. Then, drain the noodles of water and add the breadcrumbs and some salt and pepper and voila!!

So freaking good.

Cory is currently devising a way of evolving this into macaroni and cheese. I'll keep you posted.

Thats it! Bye.


david said...

Soggy bread-mush? Nooo sir.

How's my tatt design coming along that I requested, ooh, way back?

Karalalala said...

What tattoo design?