Thursday, November 22, 2007

In the Key of G Funk

I wrote some songs, just now, as Im writing it. It goes a little something like this

Pisstabbles, O Pisstabbles
My Sister, Sweet Piss
You ran at top speeds
Fists clenched
Curly hair trying to keep up
You could have been a Doctor
But you are just a Doolittle!

Lazy cow, get a job! You cant afford to buy me Christmas presents without any money! GOD!

Bobby Bo Peep
Please Go to Sleep
You Stay up Too Late
I Can't Hardly Wait
Til' You're Giving me Christmas Presents, MOTHER FUCKER! GET A DAMN JOB!

I want to go home and play with my Dog and punch ma sister in the face! Im going to hit you all with a newspaper until you realize the error of your ways. DONT POLLUTE!

BUY LOCAL PRODUCE! Carbon FOOTPRINTS people. Your feet fucking STINK get them off the COUCH!

I put Christmas lights up, they are so pretty. Im feelin' the spirit this year. The Christmas spirit, not some ghosts or anything. Though I do think this building is haunted.. by cats. I see dozens of ghost cats in the hallways, out of the corner of my eye. Some cat lady must have died here or something. Cheese is on sale at Dominion this week, the good stuff too, Cracker Barrell, $2. Do you find this as arousing as I do? Speaking of aroused, Amanda and I are having lunch tomorrow, and Im excited for this. Im going to have a beer IN THE AFTERNOON and make inappropriate faces until Amanda is forced to take a moment to re-evaluate how much she is willing to put up with for this relationship. Hahaha! I dont think shes even ever done that.. silly goat.

Silly... billy.. goat..........

Why arent I rich yet?!

Im doing a painting next week.. its got an old dude in it, in his underpants, it should be Any Good. Heres hoping anyway. I just need to grab the canvas from home and then I shall Begin. Ou la fuckin la. Also I think I may start to learn french.

Anyone who wants a christmas card this year email me your dang address! duh

Thats enough blog for now. Heres some real songs.

Switchen in the Kitchen -Don "Pretty Boy" Covay

Old timey Kentucky Style
Diamond Hoo Ha Man - Supergrass
Supergrass are just Supercool, although starting to sound increasingly like The Killers
Unkol James Brown - Tjupurru
Didgeridooooooo woppa doo wa doo baby yeah
Our Love is Here to Stay - Blossom Dearie
One of the cutest voices of all time
Wind is Wild - Nina Simone
Gives me goosebumps in waves of pleasure


yemj said...

oh man. those songs stink!
i'm jealous of the lunching between you and amanda that will occur. i want beer in the afternoon...

Amanda said...

You're right, I've never taken a moment to evaluate how much I can put up with in our relationship. I think that's dangerous I just stay away from that subject heh heh. But really...I've made it this far, 10 long years, there isn't much you could do to deter me now!! Whoa. Dude we've known each other for 10 years. I think that basically qualifies for family or something. Crazyful. Anyhow, hoorah for our lunch! Do beer and thai food go together? I sure hope so.

Karalalala said...

You want to marry me? Thats gay.