Thursday, November 1, 2007

Nothing Good Happens in November

Theres no sign of life
Its just the power to charm
Im lying in the rain
But I never wave bye-bye

But I try, I try

November 1st is so abrupt. Halloween is not happening anymore, your pumpkins are supposed to be in the garbage, theres nothing more to look forward to too. Two Tu. I didnt even get any fuckin' candy! WHAT A WASTE.

I dont like it.

Cory came home early from school with grocery bags full of ingredients for making nachos, and a whole barbecued chicken. So in protest of this cursed day I have spent it by doing nothing but eating a gigaaaantic plate of Nachos a la Cory and falling asleep in the middle of the day. I dreamed I got my brother a job at this resort by somehow convincing the woman that owned it that his bumbling incapacity to perform even the most minor of everyday tasks is charming and the guests will find him adorable. Also she had a droopy faced dog I pet for a long time. Dreams are so unrealistic.

I literally just got up and my tongue is covered in a layer of gunge. Ive had patches of David Bowie's "Modern Love" looping around my head today. I feel bloated in a way only nachos can bring upon an earthbound body and am contemplating some pants and a very brisk stroll outside to shake this foggy feeling.

Halloween was Wicked Cool, despite its devastating lack of candy treats. I know Amanda and Brittaney if you're reading this, and you're not, you wanted me to come out with you but I just wasn't feelin' it dawgs. I lost my man eyed lady glasses and therefore had no costume and I just couldnt disappoint people like that, ya know? I just came home, made some brownies. Cory and I poured a couple of outrageously large glasses of milk and laid in bed eating brownies and milk and watching Masters of Horror. It was really very nice. I know, his lame is rubbing off on me. Also Masters of Horrow rules, by the way.

Here's some songs. The Heartbeats have been switching spots in my brain with Modern Love as top catchy tune. I love this cover of California Dreamin'. The last one, Rose Hip November is a wispy pagan tune with fairy flutes and all that jazz, to get you into the spirit of this totally crap month. Nothing good ever happens in November. I don't like it.

Also I officially purchased Caller ID for my phone so if I don't answer your call now you know its on purpose. Or Im having a poop or something. Let your imagination run wild!

I Was a Boy - How
Modern Love - Last Town Chorus
Alarm - Film

Knife - The Heartbeats
I Picked a Flower - Jarvis Cocker
California Dreaming - Lee Moses
Rose Hip November - Vashti Bunyan


And a girly cover for the Brudda.

Book of Love - Rebecca Scott (Magnetic Fields Cover)

Piss, whats your latest life endeavor?


david said...

No Halloween costume. Damn. I had 5 imaginary pounds on you chosing the nun costume, but with additional kabuki facial tones.

Sweet verse there, in the green font.

david said...

"Nothing Good Happens in November"

My birthday. *cough*

Karalalala said...

Oh eh, yeah, birthdays happen in November! Especially Yooour Birthday which I didnt forget at all like I always do every year! Heh heh

Happy Birthday?

david said...

Not yet.