Thursday, December 6, 2007

Pinsents Chimichanga

Today started off awful. I didn't like it at all. And then I had 3 shots of expresso, started feeling chipper, and ended up serving lunch to Gordon Pinsent.

I snuck a couple extra chimichangas into his paper bag. He wore an exce
ptionally nice black hat. He was very friendly and sweet and reminded me of my Bapa. I didnt know it was him at first, I just immediately liked him and felt like he was familiar, and thought "That old fellow looks like Gordon Pinsent". I was afraid to ask him, luckily he paid by visa, and I checked out the name. "Gordon Pinsent". I whispered "I thought you looked familiar. Its so great to meet you!" and he said it was nice to have met me too and kissed my hand before leaving! We chatted for a bit before he did though, it turns out he lives just around the corner from me, albeit in a much nicer building.

After he left I shouted to the lady I was serving next, "Do you know who that was! That was Gordon Pinsent! And he kissed my hand!" and she grabbed my hand and wiped the back of it on the back of hers and said "Now we must both never wash these!"

No one else knew who the hell I was talking about though. Has no one watched Due South? Or any Canadian movie made after 1965??


Now Im going to eat a chocolate bar and go to bed because Im working a 16 hour day tomorrow, and up again at 6 on saturday.

Thankgod for Gordon Pinsent and espresso!


david said...

Canadian movies? There are such a thing?

Well, Kenneth Connor kissed my forehead once.

yemj said...

yeah i dunno who he is either...but maybe that's because i'm american?
mmmmmm chimichana...

The Alden said...

As the only Canadian commenter so-far, I will tel you... that I, too, dunno who Mr. Pinsent is. His eagerness to kiss the sistermonster's hand, however, implies that he is a creature of darkness.