Monday, January 7, 2008

Bonk m'Jonk

Hey swell dudes,

It's me, Kara!

I'm back in Toronto now, and enjoying all kinds of apartment good times. Activities include, but were not restricted to:

- Taking the 7:15 Go Train from Barrie to Union station for the first time. Not a bad ride, beats the bus
- Eating apple jelly and the last of the peanut butter gelato
- Petting the One Eye'd Kitten's curly belly
- Watching Simon Schama's doc on Turner. The whole BBC series "The Power of Art" is just fucking astoundingly great. Schama's pretty much the most intelligent and most British guy in the world, and Turner rocks in many ways, so that was a treat. Next up: Caravaggio, wa ha ha
- Annoying the piss out of Cory and squirming and screeching as he reciprocated and then some, one of my favourite past times

- Had 3 showers, drank tea, watched half of Resident Evil, and, DRUMROLL PLEASE

Painted! Fuck yes I did. I mean sort of.. Its more Turner than Caravaggio right now, but its there, and its feels soooo gooood. Nothing feels sexier than spreading paint between my fingers. Mmmph. Really wish I could take some pictures.. they would be embarrassing, but it would be nice to document the progression. Tomorrow I may even start, a still life, for shits and giggles. I know, I'm crazy. Im getting completely out of hand.

Woo hoo

Anyway... so.. enough blathering, I should share some stuff! Lets see, what things of any interest have I come across today..

Oh! I was surfing around and I found this blog post that is as epic as it is sweet. He seems to have dug up dozens of versions and things having to do with that Pinball Countdown. I had a freaky dream involving this weirdo pinball thing months ago and couldnt for the life of me place where I had seen it-- Sesame Street! Holy smokes, that solved a huge mystery for me. Anyway, you remember this eh? Have a look!

Not much to offer other than that. I've been listening to a lot of Andrew Bird la
tely, which is all the brothers doing. It's the kind of thing you fall in love with the more you listen. It kind of sucks you deeper and deeper and bores its way into your heart while you're distracted. Like everyones favourite arthropod, the boll weevil! I hear all kind of voices in his voice, and his lyrics sometimes border on making no sense but sounding great, with lots of science type words. Apparently he is proficient in violin, mandolin, the glockenspiel and whistling! Gotta love a guy who rocks the glock.

Here are a few, not his absolute best, but ones with lyrics that made me smile.

Andrew Bird - Fake Palindromes

My dewy-eyed bride what has tried
Swapping your blood with formaldehyde? monsters?
ed voices cried fratricide!
Jesus don’t you know that you coulda died with the monsters what talk
Monsters what walk the earth
She’s got red lipstick and a bright pair of shoes
Knee high socks what to cover a bruise

She’s got an old death kit

She’s been meaning to use blood in her eyes in her eyes for you
She’s got blood in her eyes for you certain fads, stripes and plaids singles ads

Run you hot and cold like a rheostat i mean a thermostat

So you bite on a towel hope it won’t hurt too bad

She says i like long walks and sci-fi movies

You’re six foot tall and east coast bred
Some lonely night we can get together

And i’m gonna tie your wrists with leather

And drill a tiny hole into your head

Andrew Bird - Measuring Cups

Get out your measuring cups and we'll play a new game
Can't have the cream when the crop and the cream are the same
Liquid or gas no more than the glass will contain

When you talk about the hand of glory
A tale that's rather grim and gory
Is it just another children's story that's been de-clawed?
When the tales of brothers Grimm and Gorey have been outlawed

I think they're gonna make you start over
You don't want to start over

Put your backpack on your shoulder
Be the good little soldier
Take your places now
'Cause we're all predisposed

Andrew Bird - Happy Birthday Song

When I wake up
In the morning
I pour the coffee
Read the paper
Then I slowly
And so softly
Do the Dishes
Feed the Fishes

Sing me Happy Birthday
Sing it like its going to be your last day
Like its hallelujah
Dont just let it pass on through ya
It's a giant amoung cliches
And thats why I want you to sing it anyway
Sing me Happy Birthday
Cause hell what's it all about anyway
Sing me Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Like it's gonna be your last day

Here on earth

That's my boy!


The Alden said...


I'm happy you like Andrew Bird, because the man has dominated my iPod. It's under his thrall. Imitosis has been hanging around my head all day, demanding to be heard.

I think it says something when I can follow the lyrics and add in the little bits and phrases not included in the lyrics (like "Oh, I'm gonna driiiill a little hoooooooole!" in that hilarious voice at the end of Fake Palindromes).

And in other news, Kara returns to painting, which rocks my socks from here to Sunday, November 18, 2016. Hell yeah, do what you were born to do, sisterthing!

Karalalala said...

Oh Brother, you are the pie to my greasy spoon!