Friday, January 4, 2008


Its extremely dry in here, making me very dry, making me very itchy, making me VERY ANNOYED. I have creamed my entire body to no avail. Im still itchy and annoyed. I want to gnaw bark off a tree. Though I have little confidence in the amount this would actually help. WARRRRRRGGHHH.
Oh itch itch itch

itch scratch itch

itch itch itch
need relief need relief sweet relief the only thing that will help the only thing that could help the only thing that SHOULD HELP IS OH GOD




Amanda said...

hahahahhahhahaa!! omiGOD! That made my jaw drop. That was utterly amazing ha ha haaaaaaa. Why the hell did that occur. Wow. I love the Shatner that was really scared and on the verge of tears because he was a Rocketman. hahahaha

Karalalala said...

He is, an astounding jackass.. god bless him, everyone.