Tuesday, January 15, 2008

100th Blogtacular

Holy Fuck - Casio Bossa Nova.mp3

Tonight I am to be found in my comfortable apartment, in a fashionable state of undress, trudging away at what will no doubt be my seminal work. Smears of cyan and dobs of naples yellow chase one another up my arms, unnoticed by me. For I have most certainly been caught up in a vortex of self expression and pause only from this intense state of concentration to look quickly, typically in a furtive manner, through the opening in my curtains. You see I find
streaks of exhibitionism heighten the experience. It's all rather amusing, I must say. Ho ho hum!

Yeah, Ive been drinking. But, as Francis Capra once said "I never knew my father and when I did, it was very briefly. He was incarcerated for most of my life and he was killed two years ago; he was shot. I think that even though my father wasn't there, in his death and in his memory, he has been a mentor to me in my manhood because my mom couldn't teach me how to be a man." Things couldn't be truer today.

And just in case hearing this light melody still doesn't instantly make you want to blow your brains out, heeeeere's..

Young Folks Japanese Style!
Shugo Takumaru - Young Folks.mp3

Young Folks auf Deutsch!
Nena - Young Folks.mp3

Young Folks happenin' all hip hoppenin!
Kanye West - Young Folks Remix.mp3

Shit the whole world jumped on that band wagon!

I don't have much to share, music-wise, really. Mostly because Maz and the Brother are hogging all the limelight, having posted every good song this year on their blogs, respectively. S
O all I have is that tremendously dated stuff, sorry. Right now Im just listening to the new Radiohead album, its like.. sexy. I didnt think Radiohead could be sexy. Makes me want to cop someone a feelski. Digging it.

Especially this one, which Maz pointed out to me specifically earlier and Ive listened to 4 times since.

Radiohead - All I Need.mp3

Haven't finished a painting yet, but when I do I'll have Cory take some pictures. Tomorrow night I'm fffffiiiinnnaaalllyyy heading to the Gladstone for $7 life drawing classes at 8:30. Tara is coming with, should promise to be an excellent time. Anyone else in the neighborhood want to come draw some nudies, give me a call.


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yemj said...

that picture creeps me the fuck out. i'm excited to see your work!