Saturday, January 5, 2008

Kr38-v gRRRL

My DAD, just gave ME, cookies!

And I am eating them, without GUILT, because Im exercising as we SPEAK. Well, as I type. For I am on, a yoga ball! This giant red rubber ball's gonna give me abs of steel and a bum that looks less like two badly parked Volkswagons and more like a lady from a rap video! Thats hot right?

In a way, that ms paint artistry you cant look away from above, is a self portrait. I am a tubby mammal, riding my red rubbery manta ray into the new realm of fitness, which is fueled by popcorn, symbolizing cookies. And well, yeah, farting.

I checked, there is no classy way to say "farting". Wtf.

Expectoration of the Derriere?

Who, knows.

So... I need to get more creative. This thing IS called Kara's SKETCHY blog thing. The blog part is kind of oozing all over the sketchy and taking over.. which is really unfortunate. I think for this year my main goals will be...

Paint more
Make an Etsy account in a stinking attempt at making some cashola flow
Take life drawing classes at the Gladstone on wednesdays
Apply to UTM for their Art and Art History Program

So it is written, so shall it be!


vulcanhippy said...

Happy New Year !!

May you have dreams that you make come true.

The Alden said...

Good plans. I approve.

Wendy77 said...

Those are the most genuine and wick resolutions, good luck betch!