Monday, January 14, 2008

Pass The Cool Ranch Doritos

Yep! Yes it is. Llamallaydeh

And there's more. Here's a few of my personal faves!

Sexy lesbo fillies...
A dog...?

Um.. some sort of cross generation incest lesbian bestiality sheep thing.. going on..

And even the rare and majestic Party Slut Snail!

Is it art? Is it pornography? Is it even REAL? I don't have the faintest fucking clue, you decide! But before you do, you better knock a quick one off, just in case, before you come to your senses.

This is Peter's Human/Animal Hybrid site, in case you're interested. You sick freak.

Also, Cory found that, not me! NOT ME.

In other news, I would like to share with you all, the glory that is Paul Barman. MC Paul Barman, to be in a state of exactitude. He is frickin' awesome. As exemplified by his song...

MC Paul Barman - I Am Frickin' Awesome.mp3

See how true it is?

He is also a man after my own heart!

Paul Barman - Burping and Farting.mp3

BUTT, the best ones Ive heard so far are these tiny babies, whom I adore, and want to squeeze, and hug, and breastfeed until they grow up big strong men who can protect me from the beasts in the darkness and the cold, cold, blowing winds of the plain.

MF Doom ft. MC Paul Barman - Hot Guacamole.mp3

Deltron 3030 ft. MC Paul Barman - Meet Cleofis Randolph the Patriarch.mp3

M.C Paul Barman - Cock Mobster.mp3

Pretty much just a list of chicks he wants to Do and how he'd like to Do'em. But it all RHYMES, MAN!

M.C Paul Barman and Princess Superstar - MTV Get Off the Air pt. 2.mp3

That last one seems to be Mr. Barman and Canadian Rapper Type Girl, Princess Superstar, outgrossing one another. It is, pretty, how you say, fly. For a white guy.. and girl..

I'm in love.

Now you'll have to excuse me, I had tacos for dinner, and Im about to burn a hole through my Fruitloops jammies. I'll blog about my Birthday Goodtimes, Queen Street Extravaganza and Staff Party Booze-up later! AAAH!

Here, watch this trailer for the critically acclaimed, soon to be classic, Vag with Teeth movie.


Amanda said...

what wiiiiillll they think of next! What a stupid idea for a movie.

Amanda said...

p.s. I blogged!

yemj said...

what...the fuck...

Wendy77 said...

I am alarmed on behalf of us both that what you post no longer shocks me. Repulses, yes, but not shocks.

Karalalala said...


Karalalala said...

I think we should go see that movie, Amandar