Thursday, January 17, 2008

Please Do Not Feed Great Bearded Clam

Life drawing... drawing life. The very LIFE!

So, I went, like I promised myself I would. It took me a drunken facebook message to Tara, harassing her to come along in attempt to make me less of a chicken shit about the whole "actually participating in a new experience" thing-- but I went! Also because she's awesome and artistic and it was an excuse to get her in the same proximity as me. So off we
went, I in my kerchief and her in her hat. To properly portray the attitude of the event I have composed for you a poem.. set in the font of courier because it looks rather bardly. Which is a real actual word, by the way.


Life Drawing at the Gladstone
Golly Gee Williker

I spy that old dudes

wrinkly chick-sticker

Girl shy thine eye, don't stare

Remember you're a pupil,

You got scruples

Hope they wash that chair

azz Fusion sets the mood
Oh a full moon, how romantic
Gummi Bears are good food
Ha ha, ha I'm drawing a dick!

3 minutes, next pose

How does hair even grow there?

Gah its hard to draw a nose
2b, 4b, 6b, HB, fuck me!
Sinewy old coot
Balls the size of a grapefruit
Next week I pray for a boobie

(or 2)

That pretty much sums it up. What more fun could a girl have for $7 in the big city! It was great actually, I wish I could go again tonight, haha. Though I am embarrassed to report that my artistic stamina has severely atrophied during my Time of Malaise. Mayonnaise. God Im like a rapper! Thats what Im officially calling my "dry spell" of doing fuckall for 2-3 years by the way. For you know, when Im all famous and hip shit like that. Like Picassos b
lue period. Anyway. Tara's sketches were so free flowing, but she tired early as well. Halfway through I looked over to find her eating gummi bears and staring off in space while distractedly drawing skull demons. Next week there will be two models, a couple, should be...


Yep, so, there's that. Work is going fine, Im just pretending Im not there the whole time. Im eating too many french pastries. Here's a picture of a fuzzy lobster I found while googling "bearded clam" for educational purposes.

So that's kind of neat. It causes conflicting reactions in me. I want to run away shreiking at the top of my lungs while fiercely rubbing my body in case I got any crab on me, and feelings of wanting to spoon it all night long while whispering lovingly into its soft feathery arms.

And since I am in a rude mood, here's a couple more websites I may have been spotted looking it in the last hour or so.. if you were in the room.. which you better not be.. or things are definitely going to be weird between us now.... Starma's adult euphemism website Tattoos A Collection of Really Poor Decisions Made Forever

And a music. Please listen to these, this girl is adorable.

January music

Shelby Sifers - Snowman.mp3

Non January music!

Shelby Sifers - Things Are Beautiful.mp3

Shelby Sifers - You Potato You Geranium.mp3

That is all!

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The Alden said...

You amuse me, sister. I'm happy to hear about the great drawing adventure, excepting the large old man genitals. Yay art!