Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sunshine, French Fries and Birthday Cakes

Stand a little less between me and the sun.
- Diogenes

January in Toronto seems very mild. I don't know if its not being in Barrie, or just because the earth is heating up quicker than a Hot Pocket, but it's alright with me. Sorry Africa, you're literally on fire, but Canadians can wear our sneakers in January!

The day is flooded with sun. On the first day of good solid sunshine in the winter I always feel the same. Just being at home, stripping off my clothes, opening a beer and listening to some kind of punk music on the floor in the sun. So I am!

Woo hooo!

A new burger joint just opened up on the corner of our block, the building with the giant train painted on the side in astonishing perspective. Its called Chew Chew's. Peeking in the windows, it seems to have pictures backlit on the walls as if they were windows out to some tropical local. Wicked. Cory is taking me to dine there this eve, I am excited. Also its wednesday so beer and greasy french fries with ketchup will be followed with sketching some nakedness. It's a good day!

So take off your pants and join me.

Stiff Little Fingers - Suspect Device.mp3

D.O.A - I'm Right, You're Wrong.mp3

Stiff Little Fingers - Wasted Life.mp3

D.O.A - I Hate You.mp3

Sooo I'ts been a few hours since I started writing this, oops. We did go to Chew Chew's, it, was great. I had a chocolate sundae and a plate of fries YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY I love how eager everyone is at new restaurants. I also love dipping my french fries in soft serve icecream. I have to go to the bathroom. Im ending this now. NO WAIT WAIT! I forgot!!


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