Thursday, January 3, 2008

Twothousandandeight, already!

Hey, what's hanging?

Its January, 2008, and its mighty cold, bitches.

Ohhhh my GOD its not even 2010 yet!!?!! Lets get it going, people! All the energy wasted saying "two thousand and eight" instead of "twenty ten" is directly
contributing to our global warming crisis. Think of all the copious amounts carbon dioxide spilling out of our gobs. GOD DAMN IT! If 6 billion people say 2010 instead of twothousandandeight just once everyday, all our problems would be solved.

So its 2008 now, ladeetoity-tah! So whats different!?!

Things havent had a chance to become different yet really, it
s only just the 3rd. The last one was a goodun though, I will say. Possibly my best. Started off kind of rocky.. January - being held in purgatory in a London airport for eight hours only to be deported. February - minor laceration of the wrist, unrelated. Feeling generally sullen, lost and hopeless. Now Im living in Toronto with my boy and his kitten. The soreness of January and February has faded and left in its place a cool purple scar and an embarrassing story my family makes me retell at every gathering.

For the past couple of years Ive had this feeling like Im not where Im supposed to be. Every single day, this nagging, sometimes quiet, sometimes loud and very forceful. No matter what I did. I felt like a rat trapped in some sadistic 8th grader's science
project maze. It was like I would go from place to place or job to job and say to the universe "Okay, now, is THIS where Im supposed to be? NOW is this right?" and it would always be a resounding "nope". I hadnt noticed until a couple of weeks ago that that constant frustrating throb is gone, and Im happy. Im cozy. Things are right.

Too bad the polar ice caps are melting and we're all gonna die! A ha ha ha ha!

Seriously though. We're all going to die.

I would have mine in either brown or blueberry.

Things that are also cool today...


And the naked french rugby players calendar for 2008.

The woman with the peacock tattoo on her arm in this video has a very very cool job.

And if you just have not got enough yet, heres some more!


So, I havent blogged very much lately. Havent had access to the ol' compy very much. That should change soon, Im skimping and saving for a MAC COMPUTER! ITS VERY EXCITING! This place on Spadina has used iBooks for under $400, soooooo fingers crossed I should have enough in the next couple of weeks and then you will all be so exhausted from reading my blogs you wont touch another blog again.

Not even your OWN, which is good, cause if you touch your own, you'll go blind.

And with my left over dollars, which should be around 78 bucks, I will
This awesome Victorian lady!

Or 4.3 of these sweet little inflatable dinghies! Which, for $18 is a really great deal.

Or evennnn... ah fuck it I dunno, Im tired. I'll fantasize about it while I fall asleep. Night folks!


yemj said...

holy fuck i'm so fucking glad you fucking posted because i've been checking and checking and CHECKING and there hasnt been ANYTHING and so my life has been MEANINGLESS. now it has meaning again, thank goodness.
i know what you mean about that nagging feeling. it's a son-of-a-bitch and i've had it for like...ever. but i'm glad that yours has gone away!! that makes me really happy to hear.
also, being in the southwest at the moment, i am surrounded by native american creations and i think of you. i bought some dreamcatchers for my roommates. and i saw these REALLY awesome moccasin boots and i thought of you. i was gonna buy them but they werent too warm. i was extremely disappointed.

The Alden said...

Yay for happiness! And cute things! And melting ice caps!

... Yeah,I totally meant that last one...

Karalalala said...

You do know that when I say "ice caps" I dont mean ones that come out of the Tim Hortons drive through window, right?

Wendy77 said...

^ Haha. Burn.