Saturday, February 2, 2008

Butter Chicken and Liquid Latex

Today I did two things I have never done, and did them at the same time!

I, made plans for valentines day! And! Made a reservation at a fancy restaurant.

Ou la la.

And then called them back 3 hours later to cancel. After looking the
m up on ChowHound and finding that anyone who has eaten there has lived to regret it. The restaurant by the way was the pretty new Amaya Indian Room, on Bayview (a positive review, with pictures and snapshot of the menu here). It was recommended to me by some customers at the shop as being the be all end all of butter chicken. However its the general consensus of the tastebuds of Torontonians that thats not so true. The best seems to be Tabla on Yonge. However, the best butter chicken, which is our holy grail here folks, is to be found at some place called Maroli. So I made reservations at the More Our Style and Highly Priased, Maroli.. They seemed generally confused at the idea of a reservation-- ahh, thats my kind of place.

So Vee Day should be stuffing ourselves with tikka masalas, aloo gobies and poppadoms til we puke, then heading over to a Burlesque show at the Cadillac Lounge on Queen.

Indian Food + Naked Ladies = sexy good times, yes!

I'll let you know how it goes. The Indian food and show, not the sexy goodtimes. Thats a blog for another time and another place. For now,
quell your wanton lust with the smooth sounds of.. uh, possibly some of this music here. Kind of leaning towards 60's psychedelic folk jive, with a soupson of MORTAL TERROR!

Well, not really, only if you have a morbid fear of patchouli and long hair.

Bon Appetit.

Paul Giovanni (Wickerman 1973) - The Maypole Song.mp3

The Ace of Cups - Glue.mp3

∞u∞≈∞C∞„∞h™E∞o™[∞h - The Mops.mp3

Nord Express - Tripleplay.mp3

Tuxedomoon - Conquest.mp3

Lady & Bird - The Morning After.mp3

Paul Giovanni (Wickerman 1973) - Willow's Song.mp3

Tuxedomoon - In A Manner of Speaking.mp3

If you haven't seen the original Wickerman I highly, highly suggest that you do. There's boobies. And not just boobies, 70's boobies! Then after you have my permission to get drunk off your ass and watch the more recent Nicholas Cage'd version, and just try not to piss yourself. Take a shot of whiskey every time Cage looks confusedly off into the horizon. Here's a mega upload link to the entire 1973 OST in its creepy 1970s hippy folk cult glory.

The Wickerman OST

Also, if anyone liked that Mops track as much as I bloody well did lemme know okay and Ill upload the whole album. The first pyschedelic rock band in Japan, formed in the 60's by a ragtag band of highschool students. Theres some covers on there of Jefferson Airplane and The Animals that actually kick ass.

Also, update on the dead dude in the building. It was our neighbor next door to us, Dave, in his 40's, had AIDS and cancer. He had been dead for 4 or 5 days before they found him. Eeeuuurrr... I was literally sleeping next to a stinking, rotting corpse. Bleaugh! Ha ha ha I am insensitive!


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