Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bye, Bye Moon

Flamanda: "Oh! Isn't the eclipse on tonight?"

Why yes, it is!

There is a lunar eclipse tonight, waaah its crazzzy! It's wild baby! And is it just me or does that comic make about zero fucking sense? I think I found that on the interweb circa 1997 and kept it in case one day I would look at it and finally get it. Today is not that day.

Anyroad, above is an artist rendering of what the lunar eclipse will look like. I may actually go out later and take a picture, and replace that black square .gif-- I mean artist rendering. But I may not, because its a full moon and this much moonlight gets the crazy into peoples blood. You can never tell what they will do. Crime happens. Some yelling. Punches are thrown. Its madness. I dont want any of that moonlit drama. There is however something fun you can do in the safety of your own kitchen tonight to celebrate this astronomical astrological event.. RUB BACON ON YOUR WARTS!

Seriously. If you have a wart that you no longer find fashionable, just get a slice or two of nice raw bacon and under the full moon, rub it on the malicious maculation in the shape of an X. Then take that bacon and bury it or toss it into the woods. By the time the bacon has rotted away, your wart will magically disappear! It's been working for 500 years, are you going to dispute that kind of success? Nope. You are not, warty. You could also tear open your wart and rub it with a kernel of corn and then feed that corn to a chicken in hopes that will cure it, but thats just fuckin' nuts.

And now for Some Moon Tunes to Set The Mood!

Django Reinhardt and the Hot Club Quintet - How High The Moon.mp3

Jack Kerouac - The Moon Her Majesty.mp3

Atmosphere - Full Moon.mp3

Joseph Arthur - Honey and the Moon.mp3

Nouvelle Vague- Killing Moon.mp3

Cat Power - The Moon (live).mp3

Pink Floyd - Eclipse (live).mp3

And naturally...

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