Friday, February 15, 2008


Hola mis flores bonitaaas!

Gahhh its already friday!! How did that happen, this week went by so fecking quickly, mehn!

I didn't go to life drawing class OR do my Illustration Friday! Boo, on, me. This week has been pretty busy though. Also the need to shove every scrap of food in the vicinity into my mouth an then pass out on the couch for 2 or 3 hours after work is really eating up my
time. Fucking winter. I share so many tendencies with a squirrel.. and yet, they are my wiliest enemy!! DAMN YOU!!
No not you, the squirrels. Anyway, so I dont have any art type stuff to show you, but I did have a nice valentines day and Id like to share a couple new awesome spots of Toronto I have recently experienced. First off, we went to that Indian restaurant I mentioned a few blogs back-- not the expensive fancy shit one, the smaller one with rave reviews on

Anyway, the place was Maroli's and it is officially one of my favourite places ever of all time. They serve Malabari cuisine, which is from South
west India. Here's a snippet from a NOW article about great Indian food in T.O. So, I called and reserved a seat, and when the girl seemed genuinely puzzled by this I knew this was the place for us. We found out why when we showed up to an empty dining room with a reserved sign on the nicest table, heh heh heh. Anyway we sat down, and the waitress turned down the lights and put a wee tea candle on our table, which was freaking adorable. Cory had the Butter Chicken - Best in T.O?- and I had the veg version, Butter Paneer. We also had the malabar roti with raita and basmati rice spiced with cloves and cardamom-- mmm. We enjoyed, audibly, and the chef came out to see how our meal was going, and the kept bringing plate after plate of "complimentary" dishes. One of which was their own Malabar chicken, which is chicken coated with this thick red marinade comprised of chickpeas and 17 spices and quickly deep fried. Because the chicken is only in there for a second it doesnt soak up much oil and is not as bad for you. Insanely good. Man. I can eat, okay, but this night defeated me. I could barely move, we had to wait and digest outside on the street before hailing a cab to the next place...

The Cadillac Lounge

This is where we enjoyed the sexual stylings of the lovely ladies of Atomic Cherries Burlesque
. Here's to an article about their impromptu strip show on Bay Street, and there are some photos of a past gig at The Bovine Sex Club, just click the documentary section and you'll see it. Two of the gals are Cory's coworkers, and now we have seen them dance in their undergarments. Weird, or HOT? Im not sure. Anyway they were awesome and hilarious. It wasnt a naked thing, just a lot of bad dancing in worse outfits. Cute, saucy and with a bit of simulated oral sex! Yay! Between acts a Toronto indie/electronica band called Hibou played some stuff. They were very decent, the lead singer was cute as a fuckin' button and did an awesome cover of Bjork's "Joga". The guitarist and cellist both looked like cartoon characters they were so handsomely dressed up. Everyone else was dressed up like it was the 80s. Bleaugh. The place was nice too, nice atmosphere, leopard print wallpaper and Keiths on tap. It says on their website they have the largest patio on Queen street so thats something to keep in mind come summer. Mmmm patio..

After a short but life threatening cab ride home we went to bed, at 10:30, like a couple of old people. First and best Valentines day ever.


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