Thursday, February 7, 2008

Flomp Bingwell, Chocomolalogist

Barbara, reich mir doch bitte die Rhabarbermarmelade.
Barbara, would you please pass me the rhubarb jam.

Rufus Wainwright - Zing! Went the Strings of my Heart.mp3
Rufus Wainwright and Ben Folds Five - Careless Whisper.mp3

Today I accompanied Cory to Queen Street East, to pick up some photographic chemicals from this warehouse. The experience of walking to a quiet suburban street and going into a backdoor of a warehouse to buy hazardous chemicals for a century-old photographic technique felt very esoteric. That was the first time I have ever used that word outside of the sentence "wtf does esoteric mean?" Sweet. Anyway, it was very pleasant. Cory told me Queen East has lots of little stores, and he was right. There are so many stores and they are all literally little. It must be the cool thing in Riverside to spell 'shop' with an extra P and E, because they all had that in common too. We had fish'n chips and cold root beer at Reliable Fish And Chips. They were on Restaurant Makeover, and the managed to avoid the Kiss of Death that show has been to restaurants in Toronto. They're unlicensed, they dont take debit and their halibut is as thin as cod, but other than that it scratched two very itchy itches. God I love food. Then we came home, watched Alien vs Predator and made out like schoolgirls!

In all the fun of today I totally forgot to call the University and beg them to accept my tardy application. Im subconsciously sabotaging myself. Gah. Then this evening while I was laying in bed petting the one eye'd kitten (not a euphemism) I finally Decided something. With a capital D. Fuck that university. I don't want to be a teacher. That isnt my first choice in life. I want to be an illustrator. I NEED to be an illustrator. God damn it, I AM an illustrator! I have to just suck it up, stop being such a stupid whiny shit-scared pussy and do what I should have done FOUR years ago and apply to Sheridan's Illustration program. For the next year I will toil to save up some cash, get a stellar portfolio in gear, and apply. It doesnt matter that when Im starting school all of my peers are finishing, Im doing what I want to do. And I havent wasted all of this time, this has been the best time of my life. And the worst. But mostly the best. So. Decided. You are all my witnesses. If this time next year I am repeating the same old garbage, which I wont be, feel free to beat me to death with a bag of pennies.

Here's some other stuff!

Yep Jonny, Yep. God I hope you didnt just watch all of that. Wow.


The Ice Cream Headaches - Circuits of Time.mp3
London Funk All Stars - How To Be A Ninja In One Easy Lesson.mp3
The Noble Knights - Sing A Simple Song.mp3
Time Zone (Afrika Bambaata and John Lydon) - World Destruction.mp3
The Holy Mountain Soundtrack - Venus (Vond).mp3

That last one is from the soundtrack for The Holy Mountain which is some weird cult film I haven't seen but is so far the most strange thing I have ever heard in my life. Download it illegally from the internet, today!

Currently I am sitting in my hovel, legs crossed, eating hot fudgey brownies and icecream! Mmmmmmm yes. Good Stuff. I had the most intense urge to make brownies a few minutes ago, so I did. Im so glad, if just for that glorious smell it puts about the place. I think this ice cream has gone off though, it kind of tastes and feels like playdough in my mouth. Oh well.

Hey! Another cousin-o-mine has joined our ferocious family of family blogs! Welcome Kayt, to the ranks!


Excellent. Now back to Browniesssss....

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