Friday, February 15, 2008

Drip Drop, Slip, Mop

Good evening bitches and hos. I'm fine, thanks. It's raining gigantic drops of rain outside. I went to a party this evening with my coworkers. I brought crab dip and turtles. One of these things was a big hit. It was the Turtles. However my Aunt Karens crab dip is still delicious to an extreme degree and the recipe follows below. Make it and eat it as soon as you can. The recipe is super simple and the best part about it as that you can't burn it, because crabs are from the sea and theres no fire in the sea so crabs never evolved the ability to burn! Go now, go, gather from the world the supplies for which to make this creamy white crabby gold. THEN EAT IT RIGHT UP!

Also, don't forget to pilfer the South by Southwest website for tasty mp3's from brand new bands with silly names! I did! Here's some now! As well as some other stuff Im listening to at this very moment. You can maybe mix and match. I found a new song by a band I am really really digging, Bryan Scary and the Shredding Tears. It reminds me of like, if Oingo Boingo reformed and wrote a musical about space dementia. Also many of these artists start with the letter B. Co-incidence, or does B just stand for Better? Hm? I'll let you BEcide. Hahahahahahahahaha. ALright!

Little Boots - Stuck on Repeat.mp3

Bryan Scary and The Shredding Tears - Imitation of the Sky.mp3

Black Moth Super Rainbow - Sun Lips.mp3

Bodies of Water - I Guess I'll Forget The Sound, I Guess, I Guess.mp3

WHY? - The Hollows.mp3

The Stooges - You Can't Have Friends.mp3

Jens Lekman - Black Cab.mp3

The Velvet Underground - Femme Fatale.mp3

Orion Rigel Dommisse - Fake Yer Death.mp3

Billy Bragg and Cara Tivey - She's Leaving Home (Beatles Cover).mp3

Aunt Karen's Crab Dip

1 package cream cheese
1 can crab meat
2 tbsp mayonnaise
salt and pepper

Mix together, bake 15 minutes at 350. Serve warm with RITZ BRAND CRACKERS.

Wow does this new Knight Rider ever suck. Whats the point without Hasselhoff? Also Kitt looks like Shitt. Not A Fan. I have been listening to podcasts from SongByToad,
it's nice. Pompous sounding british dude and his snarly-cute scottish wife playing great music and disapproving of generally everything. Am A Fan!

One last thing! Look at this!! GiantMicrobes! Tint plush toy diseases!! Finally I can cuddle up to mange without the damn stinky cats getting in the way! I can sleep with sleeping sickness! Gonorrhea makes a great gift for those who have everything. And how cute is flesh eating disease. Yayyyyyy!

Thanks to Drawn! for that one.


Kara said...

This is just a comment so I dont feel so alone when I see no one has said anything about my awesome blogs.

yemj said...

um, "the clap" is like...super adorable. if actually having the clap made me that adorable, i'd be having a lot more unprotected sex.

Matthew said...

Pompous? Pompous??!? The cheek!

(In other words, thanks for the lovely shoutout!)

Kara said...

I knew eh Em, I wish someone I love would get a serious illness so I can buy them one as an ironic present!