Thursday, February 21, 2008

Kitty Pickle, OLE!

Hey! Here's a cool thing! Cory pointed it out to me. It's called Sketchcast, and it really is a cool thing! Above is a portrait of the One Eyed Kitten I fooled around with earlier. We were chillin' together on the couch, eating the crumbs that were left of some cheese Doritos, for which the kittens is a FIEND. And I don't know if it was the light or the great voracity of her wee chomps, but I found myself inspired. You can skip through it, I wont be offended, its pretty long. Below is a much shorter and more embarrassing doodle with shaky voice narration, to test that out. So you can accompany me down the path of my artistic journey, as if you were piggy backing on in my VERY BRAIN! Not actually the least bit interesting or entertaining! Maybe Squishy? Anyway, make a better one and show me, you picky bastards, its pretty fun. I find it really relaxing to listen to music and watch people doodle. Especially this one. Combining my two fetishes, drawing and accents. Prrrreow. Also I cant stop listening to this Three Dog Night song, what the fuck eh?

Three Dog Night - Easy To Be Hard.mp3

Kitty, Daisy and Lewis - Mean Son of a Gun.mp3

The Clash - Koka Kola.mp3

Custom Kings - Boys of Summer.mp3

Film - Alarm.mp3

Hoooooow can people be so heartless? Hooooow can people be so cruel...


yemj said...

after listening to your narration of your sketch i have decided something very important. you are the next bob ross. you are the bob ross for the 21st century. so you need your own internet show/podcast/whatever you kids are calling it these days. uhhhh yeah get on that. thanks.

Kara said...

You were soothed by my dulcet 5 year old girl tones? Weirdo. I may do a weekly thing with this though actually.

Wendy77 said...

Hey sweet. I couldn't hear any sounds on the first one though, did you fuck it up?

Kara said...

No I just did sound on the second one