Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Rejected Virus Doodles

Marcel and The Feral Rock Pigeon

These are a few other things I doodled while trying to do something for Illustration Friday. Yeah, I know, I don't know either.

Lullabye for the Ayatollah Tooth

Poop Cake Dancer

Kara's Stay Back Evil Do-er Tea

1 bag chamomile tea
1 bag peppermint or spearmint
1 knuckle of ginger
4 tbsp honey
Half a lemon with the life squeeze out of it

Put all this into a chubby little teapot, add water thats just under boiling, and let steep 5-6 minutes. Drink this with a handful of vitamins and then quarantine your gross, pukey, snotty ass for as long as possible.

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