Sunday, March 16, 2008


1:11 am, there is a gorgeous breeze coming in from the window that smells undeniably of spring. I am sitting as close as possible to the window, sipping licorice tea and inventing cookies. Theres so many recipes!! I have this recipe from the 60s for potato chip cookies which is begging to be played with, I have to do my aunt chris's super special chocolate chip cookies only perhaps turn them into little soft plops of double chocolate espresso goodness wa ha ha. There is a middle eastern recipe I have been wanting to try for melt in your mouth almond cookies. green tea cats tongues, cherry florentines, white chocolate macademia nut, sugar cookies, black forest cookies, chewy chai tea cookies! Gahhhhh... I will make a poll! Ill narrow it down to maybe.. 10.. or 12.... yeah.... 12ish.. recipes and you can vote. AND YOU BETTER VOTE! This is a serious fucking matter of great importance, theres no room for dicking around people! I need your help! For every vote I will make them and post the results with pictures!


Jens Lekman - One Dollar Thought.mp3

Calexico - Alone Again Or.mp3

Born Ruffians - I Need A Life.mp3

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