Sunday, March 9, 2008

I Love You, Kims Sister!

Welcome to the Play by Play of Kara's Most Awesome Party Time Excellent Weekend!

Party Time. Excellent.

So, Friday after work, I come home carrying bags of Pepsi Cola, Drumstick Icecream Cones, Lottery Tickets and a single pack of Hubba Bubba for me but thats not really Party Time or Excellent. Below are some artists renderings of how your tongue would see these delicious things if it had eyes. So as you can clearly see, the night started off pretty good.

Then the pants came off, entire stuffed crust pizzas disappeared into our faces and we watched Hitman until we could no longer move or understand anything that was happening in the movie at all. Which may not have been entirely our fault, I think the plot was pretty much swiss cheese. Or we may have just been watching the opening sequence of the popular Playstation game, over and over again, as neither of us was pressing the A button. Who knows. How could Interpol NOT find this guy anyway, he's running around in a very awkward suit, bald as your mommas nether regions, with a tattoo on his HEAD waving guns and swords and hand grenades and karate chops around in public. Gah. And look at those puppy dog eyes? Im supposed to believe this is a robotic killer?

I can see forever in those caramel pools of loneliness. Someone hug this man! NO DON'T!! YOU'LL GET BALD ON YOU!!!

Saturday was very nice, waking up around noon. Leisurely breakfast at Johnny G's on Parliament. It was a nice sunny and snowy day. We walked up to a glass store called Art Nouveau so Cory could buy some ruby glass for his photography assignment. I may take a class there actually, the owners were sweethearts. Then it was off to Queen West, which was actually an arduous but enjoyable journey as the light fluffy snow started turning a bit violent. I literally froze my nips off. They are laying in the snow somewhere along Queen street. If anyone finds them please put them in my mailbox. Merci. Anyway, we got to our destination, the discount fabic shop and Cory lugged a giant bolt of black velvet back home through the snowstorm. We got home just in time for the Breeders concert!!


I am in love with the Deal sisters. They are fucking adorable. The show, though intimate due to the storm, had so much energy. Gah. It was so good. Kelly shouted "Why aren't you fucking people at home!? There's a blizzard!" Hearing No Aloha, Divine Hammer and Cannonball live-- oh man. They also did some stuff from their new album, which rocked, and a couple of things in german and very broken spanish. It was great to see them smiling and squinting hard, tongues hanging out of their mouths, like they could barely play their instruments and didnt know what was going to happen next. WOo!

And then! We ate chinese food, and went to bed. A weekend full of food, beer, music and debaucher is a weekend very well spent. Mmmhmm.. And NOW Im still in bed, eating Rice Krispies with banana and writing this. And NOW IM NOT! BYE SUCKERS!

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Amanda said...

that is an amazing, amazing weekend. I am jealous of every bit of food you ate! ha ha! If you have any drumsticks left, save me one!