Friday, May 16, 2008

May Day

April is the cruelest month,
breeding lilacs out of the dead land,
mixing memory and desire,
stirring dull roots with spring rain.

Well, it's not April, it's May, and I didn't say that, it was T.S Eliot, but he had a stupid name, so neither matter even matters.

Anyway, lilacs have just started blooming on Bleecker Street and all along my way to work each morning their pretty stink fills my nose and stirs my guts.
I think it makes me feel the same ache ol' T.S seemed to know all about. A few smells in the world can make me feel eight years old in an instant and lilacs are one of them. They remind me of school nearing it's end and the sense of freedom and fear that came with that. Free of wretched book learnings in taupe hued classrooms and terror of being trapped at home. It reminds me of mud and spiders and wet dewy grass in the morning freezing my bare toes. Spring things. It's nice.

Trivial facts! Lilacs are asexual deciduous shrubs who belong to the olive family and are symbolic of first love. Gayyyyy......

Lilac Wine

3 1/2 quarts lilac flowers
2 1/2 lb granulated sugar
2 lemons
7-1/2 pints water
1 tsp yeast nutrient
Champagne yeast

Put water on to boil while culling through and rinsing flowers. Put flowers in primary and when water boils, pour over flowers. Cover primary tightly and set aside for 48 hours. Strain flowers through nylon straining bag and squeeze to extract all flavor, then discard pulp. Stir sugar, yeast nutrient and juice of lemons into primary and stir until completely dissolved. Sprinkle dry yeast on top without stirring or add activated yeast culture to primary. Recover primary and ferment 7 days. Transfer liquid to secondary and fit airlock. Ferment 30 days and rack, top up and refit airlock. Rack again every 30 days until wine is clear and no longer dropping sediment. Rack into bottles and allow to age 3-6 months.

Nina Simone - Lilac Wine.mp3

Jeff Buckley - Lilac Wine.mp3

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