Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mulderites and Scullywags


Fox Mulder.

Fox indeed.

How many times my pre-pubescent self had post-pubescent thoughts about you... You could reveal my Top Secrets any day. And by Top Secrets I probably mean lady parts.

Its hard to believe it's been 28 years since X-files went off the air. I was an X-phile, man. I had it all; the T-shirt, the poster on my bedroom wall, the collectible trading cards, the action figure! I would literally hold my breath all week until 9pm Eastern Time on Sunday when finally my dear sweet Mulder would be in my bedroom for one glorious hour. It was so hard for me when it went away. Since then I have never given my heart so fully to a tv show in case I might get hurt again. It left an empty hole in my heart that I could not fill. Until I discovered The Red Shoe Diaries. Pree-OW!

Anyway, exciting times because there's a new X-Files movie coming out. If you havent seen the trailer you're not missing much cause its pretty lame. Here it is anyway.

See? Lame. The most promising thing about it is that it seems to have Billy Connolly in it. "Watch out laddies, thers a fuckin' space alien in ther. Come ta nibble yer wee gibbles aff!"

Now he's a slow mo clip of Mulder in a tiny red speedo!

Watching that made me thirsty. Thirsty for some old time Billy Connolly rant stories about seemingly nothing punctuated with him bending over and laughing at himself for 10 minutes and going off on tangents! No one swears like Billy. FUCKIN NOBODY!

Now Fuck Off!

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