Thursday, June 19, 2008

Don't Grow A Wishbone, Daughter, Where Your Backbone Aught To Be

Trudging home with bags of bread, beans and beer slung around my arthritic hands. Half hour conversation with a dude who, I find out at the end of the conversation, thought I was someone completely different and not even me at all. Didnt bother to correct him and ensured that my sister Kim did indeed remember him. Toast and tea for dinner. Making up some chocolate chip cookies and blueberry muffins. Stack of cookies and a peach tea toddy with coconut rum. Might go to bed soon, been tired and hazy all day. Ive been reading 100 Years of Solitude before bed for months now. Its going to take me 100 years of solitude to read the fecking thing.

I declared to my sister while brushing my teeth that "This is good poos taste!" instead of "this is good toothpaste". Ha ha ha what a dumb bitch I am. WANT COOKIES!

Handsome Boy Modelling School ft Pharrell Williams and Julee Cruise - Class System.mp3

Holy Fuck - Super Inuit.mp3

Adam and the Ants - Deutscher Girls.mp3

The Velvet Underground - Oh! Sweet Nuthin'.mp3

Wild Beasts - She Prr'd While I Grr'

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