Monday, June 23, 2008

Garbage Disposal of your Dreams

Cory and I finally dragged our asses down to Play De Record, in the rain, to buy him his birthday present. A portable record player! Weee!

The first thing he did was come home, crack a beer, put on Johnny Cash, and make a face like a contented cat. Now that I'm alone and cant be made fun of, Im listening to the Bauhaus single he bought me for myyyy birthday. At last! Wahahah, it sounds sexable.

So I dont have any big plans for the evening, sitting here squint eyed listening to excellent music pretty much covers it. I have been thinking about some stuff though. Namely, my stuff. I'm not a girl who likes having a lot of things. Sometimes I look around and feel responsible for every book and every paper clip I see, like I am tied to them. I just want to throw everything out. If anyone wants or knows anyone who wants a decent HP Desktop computer (120 gig hardrive, 512 RAM, somewhat dodgy dvd burner), a vga monitor, an old frankenstein clunker of a bike that runs okay and looks like that but with a busted orange leather seat and rams horn bars Cory
made himself, some crappy paintings, or enough books to keep them reading for a lifetime, let me know. Or an unopened package of paper clips? Any takers?

Also, if anyone is interested in some mint, rhubarb, black or red currant, spider plant or bleeding heart seedlings I can hook you up.

And there's a redbull thats been hanging out like some hooligan in the back of my fridge since halloween. Someone please come drink it. Or collect a whole bunch and make me a pair of these sweet redbull dancin boots! O the dancing times I would have!


Bauhaus - She's in Parties.mp3

Big Town Boy - Big Town Boy.mp3

James Ray and the Performance - Mountain Voices (remix).mp3

Johnny Cash - Delia's Gone.mp3

Fuck me, do I ever crave grape Hubba Bubba really bad all of a sudden.


Wendy77 said...

I think you mean contented. Contended means he was, like, fighting the music.

Kara said...

Shut your face, stinkwad!

yemj said...

and also the computer. how much?

Kara said...

Free, I want it out of my fecking apartment! If you want it Ill bring it up to Barrie and that way you can swing by and grab it whenever.