Saturday, June 21, 2008

Musical Fruit


Cory and I made the best food ever.

Ever. In the world.

Of all time.

Remember eons ago, of course you don't, when
I posted recipes for Louis Armstrongs favourite meal? Well I finally made that, and holy fucking hell is it ever good. Its almost TOO tasty. Here is the recipe again with my amendments, cause I think if you have the time, its definitely absolutely for sure worth making.

Louis Armstrong's
Red Beans and Rice

2 cups kidney beans (sorted, rinsed and soaked)

6 thick slices of good quality bacon
1/2 16 oz can of tomato sauce.. or an 8 oz can I guess

1 big ol' ham hock, quartered, or 3-6 small ones
1 vidalia onion, chopped
1 green bell pepper, chopped
1 clove of garlic, chopped

red pepper flakes, cayenne pepper and salt to taste

Wash beans thoroughly, then soak overnight in cold water. Be sure to cover beans. To cook, pour water off beans, add fresh water to cover. Add bacon and let come to a boil over full flame in (5-quart) covered pot [or dutch oven]. Turn flame down to slightly higher than low and let cook 1 1/2 hours. Add diced onions, bell pepper, garlic, dried peppers, and salt.

Cook 3 hours.

Add tomato sauce and let simmer until it thickens into a delicious sauce, about 2-6 hours. Beans and meat should always be just covered with liquid, never dry. Remove ham hock pieces.

We just heaped this onto
rice and buttered bread. Cory was talking to some people from the southern United States and their serving suggestions were to "put it on everything". Could maybe add some sausage next time. Could maybe also fart myself to death if I dont die of a heart attack first.

I also made the cornbread r
ecipe, which didnt turn out bad, but I reckon I dont much care for cornbread. I was going to include a picture but it's not the most photogenic food in the world. It should look like chili when its finished.

Here's a cute song sung by two of the cutest people to ever live.

Lous Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald - Let's Call The Whole Thing Off.mp3

Speaking of delicious, check out these Gummilights. Rubber Gummi Bear Lights with LEDS in their bums so they light up! How sweet is that. This company, Jellio, also has some cool kitchy shit like...

Rubik's Cube coffee tables

Cap gun mirror!

Cool... anyway.. thats all, Im going to bed!

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