Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Peep B'Jeep


My weekend in series of bullets:

* Family Good Times
* Megan's Baby Shower
* Tiny Cupcake Shoes
* Eating Ice Cream in the Mustang

* Drinking Beer in the Pool
* Used Book Store with Dad in Sci-Fi Hunt
* Night Driving and Midnight Pizza Picnics
* Romantic Times By The Lake At Sunset with My Bike
* Mom's Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Today though, was just a day. Just a Wednesday, to be more specific in a general sort of way. It is Wednesday, isnt it? After work I rode my beloved bicycle to Chinatown and met Cory and Jordan for some good ol' Chinese Bar-Be-Que. Mmm MM my favourite! (In my head I put the emphasis in Chinese on the CHI, like CHYneez, TEEvee, BEEbeeque... Im not sure why. Does'nt much MAtter).

It was actually delicious to an extreme degree. Cory ordered his meal to be cloned so he could have his BBQ Pork and eat it too. My fortune cookie informed me that I am forever welcomed by society and that Cory inspires others with his enthusiasm. Obviously these cookies were experiencing some sort of malfunction. We had a beer and watched Gangs of New York, which rocked until that bug-eyed bint and Leonardo Di Forehead showed up. It was still pretty damn good though. You know Im a sucker for gratuitous violence.

Im bored and laying about in my Fruit Loop jimjams while the One Eyed Kitten engages in a losing but none-the-less FIERCE battle with our beer bottle caps. Here's a few songs, chirped by chicks.

Chirping, cheeping, peeping, chirruping, warbling, trilling, twitter....birdsong!

The Hot Toddies - Wet Dream.mp3

He scraped his knee and no one jerked him off or rubbed his back for free
And someone might never love me

She was stung by a bee but she still had to make them toast with honey

And how can I sleep when nobody loves me

We are lost at sea and no one jerked us off and somebody thinks it's funny

That we will never agree

Salt water makes crappy chai tea

Kristin Hersh - Stained.mp3

You have nerves of steel,
you're just like me
Two spiders hanging from one tree
We're sunny now, us lucky things
We're smiling down one endless day

Laura Veirs - Galaxies.mp3

When we kiss, when we kiss
Bears and boulders vibrate through the air
Gravity is dead you see
No gravity…all I need is beating red
No gravity…

Shelby Sifers - Six Refills of Coffee.mp3

I don't want to drive in my car
with no one in the passenger seat
except for my sweater and some Kerouac novel
No, I need you next to me

And I don't want to take me out for breakfast:
order, eat my oatmeal, leave a tip
Crying through six refills of coffee,

wishing you could take every other sip

And I don't want to sleep all through the night

and wake up in the morning to myself

I think I'd rather sleep out in the rain

And I leave you with KITTENSSSS!!

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vulcanhippy said...

I don't think I've seen anything cuter !!!