Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Singular Blog

Cod is a disgusting, nasty little fish and I hate it's guts. Literally. Its guts are not good.

I'm sitting here with the a/c just cranked like a motherfucker because Cory isn't home to remind me how David Suzuki would think I'm a chump. Wah ha ha ha. I am a wild stallion. Filly! I mean filly!

Mmm... cream cheeeeeese.. Anyway, I've been fuck boring blogwise this month, yeah even more than usual. I have a couple things I wanted to do, like audience participation-wise. I also want to so an Ultimate Summer Song blog. So maybe I'll do that tonight. Or I'll drink all my beers and fall asleep in the bathtub. It's still up in the air. And I can tell by the faint sound of beak tapping impatiently on glass that now its time to feed my pigeon. See you suckers later!

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