Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sons of the Same Bitch!


After an entire day of shitting carrot juice you will all be happy to know that I can now fart without terror! I'm celebrating with some toast and tea.

This picture of some sort of carrot custard with walnuts pretty much sums up the last 24 hours.

Speaking of terror, however, I just had the scariest walk Ive ever had in broad daylight. I have this kind of thing, where, when Im walking around every crazy person in the area will come up and talk to me. Yeah I know, thus is the nature of the crazy. But this goes to extremes. They will cross streets, in front of oncoming traffic, and pick me out of a crowd of people. Its not just crazies, regular people who will be walking along completely sane and as they pass through my bubble of personal space they are for that time completely bonkers. Then they pass and they're normal again. Megan hypothesized that its because I am inadvertently making eye contact. So I tried NOT making any eye contact today and it was WORSE THAN EVER BEFORE. Not only did they hassle me but I couldnt even see them coming and make the proper adjustments to my path of travel to assure total avoidance. Bah! One guy literally jumped, out of an alley and said "Hey! Do you want to talk?" What the hell! Maybe they smell my little blonde girl fear...

And is it just me or do nutty people always have crazy eyes? With very small pupils? Like Husky dogs? And they don't blink.. eee

Now Im safe at home with my cat and my library books and I can be calm and alone. Ahhhhh, YEESSsss...

Anyway I got two books out of the library! The Road by Cormac McCarthy, if that is his real name, is about a father and his son and walking around and probably hobos and all sorts of stuff. The other one is The Cripple And His Talismans by Anosh Irani, which seems to be about a guy who wakes up in India and notices his arms gone and for it is it that he goes looking. Promising!

I had an excellent hippy girl day of long showers, doing pilates on the living room floor, folding laundry, looking at pictures of cute things, watching sundry animes, drinking tea, dancing around in my underpants and making use of free public resources. Yayyyy. Im so excitinggg, hip and cooool.

Aren't the Andes awesome?

Imagine a place with WILD llamas! Running free in their native habitat in their cute llama sweaters!

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Johnny Cash - The Mercy Seat.mp3

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