Saturday, July 12, 2008

Yes Sir, I Can Boogie

Oh Hello stinks, it's me, Kara!

What, you dont remember me? As it has been so long since I have made for you a blog? Well your brain fills up very easily then, doesn't


Anyway.. Yeah its been a while, Ive been a busy wee bee. Actually my life has been similar to that of a bee. I've been working all day like a good little drone, I've been taking good care of my flowers, I've been eating some delicious sweet things and I've been plunging my stinger into peoples flesh when I get in a temper. Like you don't have the same problem.

Stuffs been good, Ive been baking lots but have put fuckall up here on the ol' blog. Experimented with some meatloaf that turned
out very successful. I mean, experimented with cooking a meatloaf. Christ I keep typing meatload now, thanks mom. Obviously I have nothing really to say so here's some songs of boogietude, and Ill put some shit up here tomorrow!

Check out this AIDSs poster from France. Ha. I'm turned on by AIDs now, thanks a whackload, French!

Brother Ali - Uncle Sam Goddamn.mp3

King Kahn and the Shrines - Torture.mp3

Women - Black

Brother Jack MacDuff - Hunk of Funk.mp3

The Melvins - Nude with Boots.mp3

The Manly Vibe - Endless Boogie.mp3


yemj said...

imagine being those people in that AIDS poster? "uhhhh ok. now pretend like this huge pretend spider is going down on you...and you really like it! ok super."

Kara said...

Sounds like all in a days work to me!