Monday, September 1, 2008

Buzzard Custard

Oy veh. I have the biggest knot in my stomach. I'm hoping it goes away by tomorrow. Im going to write a blog about stuff to distract me from my anxiety about math class.

I've been having interesting dreams lately. Last night I dreamed I was Angelina Jolie working on a movie where I, Angelina, play some sort of ancient kinda roman soldier chick fighting a group of party animals in a submarine for some reason. I, she, we, were wearing this crazy gold roman suit with a red velvet cape and metal boots. Kind of Xena Warrior Princess meets 2,000 Leagues Under The Sea meets that scene in Alpha Dog where Ben Foster starts doing crazy kung fu at a party?

Recollection is hazy, but I remember kissing my opponents with my huge squishy Jolie lips before brutally murderizing them. It was a very vivid sensation.

The other most memorable dream this week actually made me late for work. I lived on Mars in the late 23rd century and Iggy Pop had just sent me a space invitation to be part of his massive intergalactic reunion tour. I had gained some notoriety around 2050 a.d on smaller planets who didn't get Universal Televisual Satellite for my raucous stage antics and he wanted me to put on a good show. I go where Iggy Pop beckons. Anyway, it didnt actually end up happening because I was getting a ride from my dad's space shuttle and he was over a year and a half late, and the journey back to earth took atleast 3 years providing there's no solar flares or much meteor traffic. So that was a bust. And then my alarm went off and I had to literally run to work.

I blame too much futurama for that last one.. it was a great dream though, very colourful and glittery. Things both dreams have in common.. celebrities.. an unusual form transportation.. shiny metal.. kicking ass.. I'm not Freud but that sounds okay to me!

I feel like this right now.. I feel facedown.. Not sure what that means, but there it is! Flomp.

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