Wednesday, September 3, 2008

End of Confusion, Return of Inspiration

Good Crikey Im bushwacked! I mean I am just tuckered, pooped, knackered, kippered, pickled and plum slumberous.

My day was sooo good today. Even if it was just mostly going over course outlines. It felt good standing there in my cheffin' uniform, paying attention, taking NOTES even! I'm so damn keen.

I must tuck myself in now though because Ive to be up bright and early for Baking Theory followed by Baking Skillzzz where Chef Gonzales is gonna teach us knife skills! How to take care of our knives, and how to jullien, bernaise, and make awesome fruit salad without fingers or blood as garnish! KNIFE SKILLS!


Supergrass - Return of Inspiration.mp3

Yann Tiersen - Pas Se Simple.mp3

Apes & Androids - Creepy Girls.mp3

Muddy Waters - Mad Love (I Want You To Love Me).mp3

The Zombies - Is This The Dream.mp3

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