Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Day Jitter Bugs

Okay, so, its my second day, and I'm already skipping class. As I type. Class is happening somewhere else. Not where I am. I am here. There is no class here. Oh. I'm a bad student!

I know I said Id blog about my first day! But it really wasn't much, just math class which was surprisingly good, then a fire alarm, and then Intro to Wine class was cancelled. And moved to today. At 8am. Hence the skippage. I'm not adverse to getting up at six but I couldnt sleep again til so late and I refused to be a zombie today for my FIRST BAKING SKILLS CLASS! WOOO!

So sacrifices had to be made!

Anyway, I'll tell you how it went today! IM SO EXCITED! Now Im off to drink eat some banana chips! Taroo!

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