Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Holy shaz, the government just sent me $150 for no foreseeable reason! It obviously hasnt been listening to what I've been saying behind it's back. Nice! Time to go score some drugs!

Its just after 1 and I'm skipping math class to write this. Well, I did go to math class but I just absolutely murdered a test and had to hightail it out of there. Fucking math! So now Im home and overwhelmed again. I had a most needed fantastic Thanksgiving weekend but spent it mostly dicking off with the fam and laying on the dog and baking all sorts of stuff thaaaaat I did no homework. And now Im in a dire situation. Oops. Oh well, I do what I want and the consequences are my own. God I'm a jackass at times.

I have some great recipes from Thanksgiving to put up here but Im too lazy to unpack my bags and find them so fuck you, I'll do it later. Now I quickly bang up two projects worth 20% and 60% of my marks respectively before work. Woo, Bloody, Hoo. But first, some toast.


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