Friday, October 3, 2008

Sleepy Buns

Ha ha ha ha ha. I just typed BIG FAT WEINER in capital letters into google images and pressed enter. That is picture number one! It pleases me.

I'm tired THUS therefore I'm typing in grey. Oh how the frustration was mounting today! But its amazing how the simple act of someone else washing the dishes for you while you're at work can clear that out. Feels good in my stomachular area. Thankyou my dear!

Speaking of stomacheses, mines fucking crammed with buns. Buns I MADE! We started on breads this week. Soft rolls tied in a variety of knots. Scrumptious. I would post the recipe here now but its all in grams and I know that can be annoying if you're a By The Cup kinda person so when I make them again for myself I'll convert it and put it up. I'm doing really well in baking class. During I am dead focused and don't even notice the 4 hours pass. Afterwards there is almost a buzz when I leave and take off my hat and jacket, have a product in my hand and know I spent my day really well. And then I go to work, POO!

No I like that too.. I'm just really tired. Anyway, I should go to bed. GoodnighT!

Ane Brun - Lullabye for Grown-Ups

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