Saturday, October 4, 2008

Yeah Man Its Cool

I don't know why people do these things.....

Apparently you've all seen this before, but just in case.. Quality. We made bread in class today! I took home 2 loaves of delicious white bread and a huge bag of cloverleaf buns for a couple bucks. Theres nothing more sexy in the world than fresh baked breading cooling on a wire rack. Oh wait yes there is-- its my new skill of cracking an egg with one hand! Fuckjesus I'm Pro now! YeeeAAARGH!

Gosh.. I've had a really lovely evening of cleaning with no pants on and singing loudly along with Mr. Jeff Buckley. We can both belt it out pretty much the same. We're good. Maybe Im a little better, but he's dead, Ive had more practice, I won't split hairs. I love my brother to death and dying but its REALLY nice to spend an evening in my favourite manner: the without pants manner.

Anyway its 1am and I have to get up for work at 6am and theres only 5 am's between them so I got to fold up my leaflets and petals and become periodically dormant during the absence of light!

Goodnight, sexpots

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